Message from the chair

Welcome to the LASID meeting 2017, an international forum for Primary Immunodeficiencies. LASID history started in 1993 aiming to promote awareness and advance the knowledge about diagnosis, treatment, pathogenesis and genetics of Primary Immunodeficiencies. Because of its international profile since its inception, LASID has been a vibrant and inclusive society, a fertile ground for the study and cooperation in the field of Primary Immunodeficiencies.

Previous LASID meetings in Cartagena, Mexico, Santiago, and Buenos Aires have been successful, reflecting the exponential growth of our society. The current LASID meeting edition is a result of this productive and well succeed history and now will outreach and include professionals from all over the world.

LASID proudly hosts this truly international meeting aiming to foster the collaboration and disseminate the knowledge about Primary Immunodeficiencies around the world with a special emphasis in developing countries, where infectious agents are so peculiar. It is important for doctors and patients from such geographical areas to have the opportunity to collaborate and share their knowledge with doctors and other patients from other regions of the world, so that the field can move forward and meet the needs of this international community.

LASID Meeting 2017 will take place in São Paulo, a truly and vibrant global cosmopolitan metropolis with multiple attractions, outstanding gastronomy, shopping facilities, and cultural life.

We hope you enjoy the meeting and share your experience with colleagues around the world.


Antonio Condino-Neto, MD, PhD
LASID President